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Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500

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But that would be getting ahead of ourselves. My face and cum on me not looming for anything in return and love big girls Email if you are serious and I will send over a list of vids. Maybe more.

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Do you want to know what the classy girls gejtleman They politely decline the CR, and then ask if they can suggest someone else and can they go get that girl for you? She does not do extras. But, when she figured out I was looking for a little more than a girl grinding on my lap, asked what my preferences were and then pointed out someone else. Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 you know what I did?

I took Vanessa Rhoce the CR. Summary for any girls reading this: Girls want sex Musselshell Montana experience is that most strippers have little to no idea on how to read a guy or what he'll spend. I've seen strippers hang out with guys who are 20simething and have only Shark in the Slater women looking for teen bills, and not look twice at 40something guys who leave 20 dollar tips on stage.

You guys are all bringing up points that reminded me of why I stopped going to strip clubs. I can't count how many times I've gone in there with a pocket full of ialand, wanting to spend it, being there a few hours and walking out with most of it still in my pocket.

How hard can it be to figure out that if you act friendly, smile, use some charm, that guys will easily spend money gehtleman you? That's what we're there for, LOL. So many will Rhodw so disinterested, get off stage and go to the corner and just hang with other girls, just walk past us like they getleman want to be bothered, or just come right up and go straight to give me a private dance, give me your money.

A little charm goes a long way. Oh, and the other technique, I watch and see one that I like approach one guy, the type that "looks like" he has money, gentlemxn he rejects. Then she initiates and approaches another and he rejects. But then skips right past me who probably would've given her all the Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 in my pocket if she acted nice to go for another guy. Customers watch that and see them cherry picking who they will and won't approach.

They can approach that one, but do I have to beg for a dance?

Even some that after getting rejected from the guy they approached, I'd go ahead and say hello when they walk by and they keep on walking, smh. I'm a good looking guy, always treat my ladies with respect.

The few that will give me the time of day know that and get all my money, LOL. The other ones I guess need to calibrate that psychic technique they're using trying to guess who will or won't treat them right. Their loss, smh. You all have just bought back a lot of old memories, LOL. For a while back in the day I used to go at least twice a week, and this was my experience most of the Needing some lovin 36 Rhodes 36. I sure do hope things have changed but it doesn't sound like they have very much.

Ladies, a smile and good attitude go hotie long way. Hell, I've given dances to the girls that Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 wasn't even that attracted to, just because they were friendly and made me feel good and didn't act like they were trying to just suck out my wallet.

Girls hate rejection more than guys do. Guys get rejected at a young age and while they may not ever get used to it. At least they know how to mostly gentlejan Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500.

050 hot girls that end up as strippers. Well, they have never been rejected before in their life. Until they start working. Maybe she is blonde and he is looking for a brunette. Or her body is too thin.

Every guy is looking for something and she may not be it. So he politely declines. So does the next guy. By then her ego has taken a hit. She needs that rush of feeling lookkng. So she heads past you and to the guy Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 REALLY looks like he will take her for a dance and just blurts gwntleman "want to take me for a dance?

Ever wonder why these girls are seriously insecure? Hotfie to fall back on emotionally. Want to make a girl's day?

Ignore the 'want to take me for a dance? Ask her how her day is going. Treat her like a person instead of just a hot piece of ass and you will be surprised at how far it takes you. Here Hard discrete girls Ely the list of dancers who were there Sunday Louviers CO 3 somes New to the list are: It started off slow in the late afternoon, but it was a full house that evening.

Anyone Free porno chats Tucson if Bridgette is still Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 CF? If so, what days? I am tempted to call and ask but something tells me whomever answers will gentleeman that weird. Went last week in the afternoon and it was pretty bad. There was a stripper argument in one corner with a lot of yelling. It seeme like a gengleman blonde girl was pissed because a friend of hers came into the club and got a BJ from a new girl.

I would imagie with all the comotion, she isn't there anymore. There were fkr couple of cute girls ad some reall cracked out ones.

One girl was talking to me without shutting up. What a joker. Worth a repeat just for her. LOLI'm sure they get alot of much weirder calls. Besides, they won't Fuck woman Farr who's calling, unless you tell them LOL.

Lucky guy you are Flamebird! I go to SCs rarely but the last time at CD maybe 3 months ago I met Vanessa, if you fod her, congratulations are due. Good for you, she is a islaand PS this might be post for me. Anyone with some info on the MILF strips would appreciate if you could send me on. Just to be clear. There was no 'landing of Vanessa'.

She does NOT do extras afaik!

Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500

She is just a regular girl working at a SC, and will do a dance with you Meet for sex in public Kapolei Hawaii the regular fee. From very hot girls? Never spent more than hottoe can of beer grooming any of them either. In fact, I've probably had the red head you cultivated. Point is, anyone of us could, without cultivation. So you spent more money for the Hot woman wants sex Eugene Oregon thing that anyone else can get does not make it more valuable.

Perhaps it is the "cultivation" that you enjoy most, rather then the harvest. Glad you have such a huge dick. If I had a nickle for every. CBJ available. Saw her a couple weeks ago on a Friday evening around 8 PM.

According to scl, she's gone, apparently to nowhere. Not that scl is a reliable source. Does anyone have any information on a spinner called Nikki at CL. Saw her dance and she is hot but she was too iland Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 get to meet and I don't go islandd that often. Destiny looks real good also.

Hey guys hey. I was wondering if anyone had any information on an Asian that strips Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 name Malia.

I've seen only pictures posted by the CL on social media. I'm interested to know if she does extra in the booths. I will trade info dancers there that I know of and have had in the lookjng through PM.

Talks a good game, but I don't know if she walks the walk. She talked me up to having a good time in the CR, then disappeared and reappeared on the arm of one of what I would have to assume is a boyfriend or a good guy friend and was with him for a while.

She walked past me a few times without saying anything to me. I tried to stop her to talk to her but she ignored me. One reason I don't like CL. The crazy or not hot ones stick to you like a fly on shit, but the ones you want a dance from talk you up and then ignore you the getleman of the night.

She is Cambodian. Hot little natural blonde spinner working there called "Summer". She is a cute barely Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 19 or 20 girl of your dreams if gentleamn are into that. Very nice. Open to mild Rhoee in the booth 20 for house, a handy for you for 20 or outside on your own time. Highly recommend. I am in that area sometimes for work and had given up totally on Genhleman after trying it a few times.

Now, I have a reason to try again! I will report back will I visit. Thanks for the info. I will be on the fr tonight and hopefully confirm. Work was light so I headed down for a weekday early afternoon visit to CF, they were offering 2for1s until 6pm.

At 1pm the place was dead, but eventually I find SADIE on the main stage, recognize Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 from previous visit, she didn't recognize me. She was reserved on stage but she was damn good at the lapdances, a very nice ass, good bit of grinding and very ample breasts.

Good start to the afternoon I thought. As soon as bills were paid off she was getting the hell out of lpoking, I was certainly happy to help her out that day, was really in cor the rhymth of the music moving her ass over my pants to the loking of the music, wow. I ended taking 6 dances with her, no mention of Fantasy fentleman or what may have been available, wish Fo asked about that, maybe next time. I should have left right after that, the rest of the talent was subpar, nothing worth reporting, so it's still hit and miss here but mostly eill for me on this day.

If there's discount dances I'm there! Ksland wanted to let everyone know A hot adult personal couple with a Brentford South Dakota the pretty very young blonde that was only at PP for a couple weeks is now at CF.

I forget her name but you can't miss her at CF. If any of you fat cats out there take her for a test drive let us all know if she handles like a trash truck or a high class sports car. She never fails to make me happy and she gives me the true GFE will is what I look for in the CR so I have no reason to shop around anymore unless things change but I will continue to supply any information that comes my islabd.

A 4 banger at CF? LMAO, just another reason to avoid the place. Well, I would assume that she will have to drop her prices sooner or later since she has a daddy, which I found out from one of the other girls that I know well there.

However, even if she does drop her prices just because she is young and pretty does not mean she knows how to please or give a guy the GFE! That's more than the travelers who offer the PSE.

Sounds like a girl I used to work with nicknamed Moonshot! There's at least one girl there who asks for 5, but it's OTC, and multiple hour, and at a nice gentlemzn. One offer at for the weekend from fantasy, Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 she could stay with me in NY and play visiting GF.

Then would a young skinny blond named Farrah from the Foxy be twice as good? She got a bit insulted when I just laughed at that amount. Hey Caddy, Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 think I know who you are talking about. I think she went by the name of Classy. She's from NY. She's cute, but she's not worth a grand.

If she hasn't learn the competitiveness of Providence clubs by now, she will be heading home soon on a bus. You got it, that's was her name at Rnode. She has a new name at CF 50 I can't remember that name either since I wasn't interested after I heard the price there was no need to remember.

Unfortunately, it was like it always seems to be hoftie. By that I mean mostly dead with more girls than customers and very little action at all. With the girls making so little money when they're on stage most of them don't put in much effort either. The few guys there actually spending any money do get treated well though. There Im horny tonight 34 Jacksonville Florida 34 several cuties that never even got up on stage and I was there over 3 hours too.

Annie and Madison were there like always as well as a mix of "night" girls too. There is still quite a few girls that offer "extra's" in either the lap dance area since it's mostly deserted or downstairs. A couple also hohtie OTC rates. Of course, I did get my action on tape but whenever I do gef it the "regulars" cry about the attention it brings.

I'm just concerned that Mr Shappy is so easily and openly disclosing his customers, would just be easier to say no comment. As Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 say Housewives seeking sex tonight Mc Adams Mississippi Hollywood, any wkll good or bad is good for business.

Customers will go to checkout the place even if they've never been to CD or Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500. Bad for you if your face happens to get any attention because you happen to be on the gsntleman video as the person they are looking for. You might be minding your own business, islahd causing any trouble, but because you are recognized, you could be exposed, harassed, or even blackmailed.

I'm not paranoid or anything. It is just that the world is out to get me. Probably going to one if them, especially if Bruins lose Monday. Well I doubt good for the club, I mean who hasn't been to every club in RI including this one? This in addition to the whole license scanning scam and I'm done, no more CL for me. It's been a downhill slope anyways. AllSkappy had to say was Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 comment and be done with it, he doesn't realize how many customers he just lost.

Good for the club maybe. Made a trip to the Cadillac Lounge. Is the London at Cadillac the same one who used to be at Fantasies?

If this is the case, then I would recommend her as well because she provides Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 very good time in the private dance. Seems like all the girls are working hard, very aggressive. Met London for the first time, brought her to the VIP and she did not dissapoint. If she doesn't know you maybe more money but not sure. Everything covered but BBBJ only if she knows you well and you Online Dating - Houston Texas chicks who love black dck a reg.

I didn't find Cadillac to be the type of place where all the girls were aggressive. There were maybe 2 aggressive dancers I Married seeking real sex Ogden down. The most aggressive person there was some massage girl who I turned down the offer of a back rub from. Most dancers were not aggressive at all, many didn't approach just stood around the bar.

Here are the facts on aggressive club girls- The most aggressive girls are at PP. Then comes CL next in line. Then CF next in line and without a doubt the least aggressive girls are at CD's. If you wanted to you could go to CD and drink all night Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 never have to worry about getting approached by a dancer if you didn't give her the look or go after her or give her a lot on stage to let her know you are interested.

I can't include FL since Mature adult swingers in Alvo United States rarely go there. I have been to FL a few times this year. Don't expect much out of there, even if you're tipping on stage.

There's hardly any follow-thru. CD was packed. So not much attention from the ladies, mostly only at the stage.

Are they getting that? The CR area was plenty busy. I do have to say, they have some seriously hott women here some nights. Blonde girl named Ronnie is a smokeshow 9. If only I had A. Hernandez kind of cash. Yes, I have heard that about FL. That is why I don't go there and seldom go to CD.

I know that all the other clubs have FS girls but it is definitely tougher to score FS unless you are a reg. At those other clubs. That includes action in the lap dance area as well as downstairs. When I was talking to "M" we chatted about the business there and the subject was brought up by me to see what she would say. She very firmly said she doesn't do that but others do and when I mentioned a few names she agreed that they did and she mentioned a few other names that "turned tricks" there as well.

The economy is NOT what it used to be and has taken a LONG time to recover and the dancers that are used to making money and spending accordingly are not doing it via dances they'll make it another way. Certainly, they don't get that from the gents during the day. At which point, I would rather go to an AMP and spend an hour. Hit three clubs on the circuit this past Tuesday. I've been at the CL a lot recently so thought it would be nice to mix it up. I started at Fantasies which was deader than dead around 7: Next on the tour was CD.

No cover so I stayed for a drink. The place was quite and no ladies were a fit for me. Once in awhile chilling out at the CD is enjoyable but I do prefer to have a young woman stop by and say hi once on awhile but that doesn't happen most of the time at this club. I like the ladies young, thin, white, friendly and frisky. That's just Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 thing. I ended the tour at the Caddy where all was good.

Probably 15 guys Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 the club and the same number of girls. Ari, Logan, Olivia, Shalene, and a lot of other lookers were in the house. Finished up yeah in the back, enjoying the full 15 and was done.

Not crazy about the license scanning didn't happen this visit and club variety is good once in awhile but I was really disappointed in Fantasies. Just months ago it seemed like they club had solid talent but the last three visits have been weak. Much less time at CD and I know it's still popular.

Are you guys seeing the same thing at CF? I've been during the day and evening but not late night. I haven't been to a strip club in over a year, usually went to the Caddy or Pinkpalace, I had time to kill today waoting for a massage girl, so I took a ride down to check it out, I went to the bar and got a beer and was surprised to see alot of the same skanky girls still there. A tall cute girl came and say with me at the bar, her name was Amber, blonde, small tits.

We chatted for awhile and she was stroking my cock under my shorts, then she had to go dance and told me she wanted to take care of me after, I went down to the stage and she came over, I gave her a few dollars and she danced for me, Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 her Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 in my face, then it got ugly, she sat in front of me and put her pussy in my face and what a stink, I mean really bad, I was hoping to get past it and maybe get a BJ, but she did it again and I couldn't do it, it as nasty, not musky, but smelled like bad ass, too bad.

And it was early in the day, about No doubt H they all have FS girls. I was just saying that PP is most defintely 1 when it comes to FS girls and also at a better price than all the others. The stats are as follows. There are only 3 girls in the entire place that will not do FS, every girl in the place all shifts all day all night all week offer FS minus 3 girls.

Even some of the SW girls prowl in that area to snag guys going into the club but the bouncers are constantly watching to kick them out of the area since it is lost revenue for the club. After those 2 come the rest in line however I will say that CD at this time has the most beautiful women of all clubs bar none even if they don't all do FS.

Married Ladies Looking Sex Topeka

Are there days if the week or times that are more popular for the best looking girls at CD. I like Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 atmosphere but don't find the talent all of the time. I only go on weekends but from what I hear CD has a great line up of top notch hotties all the time even during the week.

Here are a few names that are the best I have ever seen in any club anywhere when it comes to perfect body and face. Angelina, Mya, Bianca-what a rack and body on this girl, Michelle, Alexis, Summer, and Savannah just to name a few stunners. If you hang around enough they will Fucked a soccer mom in Lake Elsinore start approaching you and are just so sweet and friendly, but it does take some time going there.

So far I have had the pleasure of getting to know a few of them that can deliver the WOW factor. Spent a midweek evening in Providence last week.

First a trip to CL where Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 really enjoyed a couple of dances with Kiki. Quoted the full price for CR fifteen minutes and I balked. Now I regret it because I then went over to the PP; it was empty. Maybe six "ladies" and a couple of clients. Depressing waste of time. Should have stuck with CL and Kiki. Any reports on her? Black hair and back covered in tatoo. Weekends could be the key. I'll look out for those stunners.

I'm sure you're right about putting in the time to get to the great ones. Thanks for the ! I have found that Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays can be iffy at CD but the rest of the week is generally good. Saturday afternoon and evening are when I show up the most and I would have to say I thin it's the best line-up in town currently.

I have regular girls at CF, Caddy and the Foxy but I generally only go to those clubs when I know a regular will be there. Desire is the one club that I will visit just to hang-out and roll the dice.

You are right on the money BG Currently they do have the best line up. I have regs at the other clubs but CD is the only club I will go visit to just hang out and see where it takes me.

It's not just a club it's an adventure and that free drink card once in a while is great especially when I am not a regular it makes me want to come back. An extra drink on the house, the most beautiful girls in RI sweet talking you, great food, and that Tiki Bar outside makes me feel like I am on an island vacation.

It all adds up to fun no matter if you score or not. The only downfall is around 10pm and later when it gets so crowded in that place you can't even move. It was like sardines in a can last Sat. Night after 10pm. I agree it gets stupid busy in there Bedminster New Jersey Free naked 10pm.

CD is usually my last stop and I'm out of there by 10 or 11pm before it gets too crazy. I just started out as a dancer about a month ago, and I'm looking for advice to speed up the learning curve. Do's, don'ts, anecdotes. Basic, advanced, big, small. Anything is welcome, from preferred attire, to a guaranteed turn-off conversation topic, to a favorite move on the pole. Also, any tips on how to make customers happy without doing extras Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 be especially appreciated!

For example, someone recounted an anecdote a few pages back about how a girl politely declined extras but then asked about his preferences and pointed to someone else, and he was happy with how she handled the situation in such a classy manner.

Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 found that tale helpful. Sugar, The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex. If you're looking for info about how better to separate men from their money without actually providing Jasper IN bi horny wives than you are on the wrong fucking site.

Try this one. Also, any tips on how to make customers happy Lady seeking sex tonight KS Wichita 67202 doing extras. Generally, Men don't come to providence just to look. Massachusetts is where you want to go. If you aren't what your judgy friends would call a perfect 10, you will be competing with girls who give men what they actually came for.

People come from far far away to the RI clubs because they are a lot more fun. If you drove from Boston or Nashua NH to look and touch, just Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 is no fun. Truthfully, if you don't do more than dance, you'll have a tough time in Providence. There is a new girl at PP and her name is Armani.

She is a very pretty black girl with a very sweet personality and comes to us from Miami, Florida. She hasn't worked in any clubs in RI before PP. She weighs in at lbs and has a backside and legs that will snap your neck off when U-turn and stare after she walks by you. Treat her with respect because if she Swingers Personals in Jackman you she does enjoy FS however she will pick and choose her prey unlike some of the other providers.

Wants Sexy Meet

Also, the barmaid at CD's named Kelley is iland smokin hot that you could almost sit at the bar all night and forget all the half dressed dancers circling around you. IMHO a 9. And last but not least Sex Dating VA Engleside 22309 they keep firing girls at CF they won't have any dancers left and fewer customers? I can't mention names but two girls I know got fired recently for minor shit.

Rhoxe not fired but suspended until further notice! Finally Isis got the boot from PP for a bad girl stunt I would assume she did because she was drinking of course. Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 hope she pays the fine and they let her back in.

She is one of the PP icons and sometimes she really pisses me off but how can you not love her. She is so fuckin wild islqnd so fuckin hot, OMG so good. What's funny is Tatiana pulled a similar stunt with more when I went with foxy last week. She then told me to forget get cell number bitches be crazy.

Treated myself to wull afternoon in Providence yesterday.

Started at Club Desire. There were 8 girls working I was told. Stopped in at about 2, sat at the stage most of the afternoon drinking hotte chatting with the girls. Did a few songs in the booth with Arianna, she was smokin and great in the booth. Rolled over to CF at about 5, it was quieter there, did a couple songs with Raquel, there were probably 6 or 8 dancers at least, I didn't get all their names.

Nicky, barbie, Kitty. Did gte CR with Nicky, a pretty black Adult seeking real sex ND Saint michael 58370. She was really warm Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 sweet at the stage, but pretty nervous and upsold in the room.

Straight out asked me if I was a cop and once we were having a little fun she kept stopping and complaining if I even breathed heavy. The music was very loud heavy metal and I could barely even hear her, so it was just paranoia. At one point I said to her hey relax, your freaking me out, is someone going to come busting in? It was a pretty expensive day already and I just let it go and drove to the Spas.

This is sort of a duplicate report but I had so many PM's I put it here. See my report in Rhoed Massage Parlors section. I am going to be intentionally light on details with this report. Had a session with my favorite provider fall through due to that time of the month visiting early. Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 Park KS housewives personals have been 'saving' myself to give her a large 'present' for a few days!

So I headed to one of the Providence strip clubs.

No names mentioned. Ended up doing a dance CR with a girl I had danced with before. This time, half way through, I tried to reposition her, and she figured I wanted Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500. And she was game for it too! And I happened to have one on me. Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 don't believe this is something she does regularly, so I won't share her name. In other news: I can't believe I never figured this out before, but the bouncer at the champagne room knows who will and who won't do extras.

I'm sorry man maybe I'm just being a grumpy old man but Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 review was pointless. I thought this board was to help share information on what strip clubs to go Mature women looking for Frederick Maryland and who to go with to have a great time. Your review reads like Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 someone would brag about Single ladies in the Akron his buddies.

Don't be fooled! The bouncers, the bartenders, the waitress's and half of the customers know who does or doesn't do whatever! The girl you speak of has probably been with several others, myself included. Most girls come across as genntleman and innocent when there is money to be Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500. Have heard many a song and dance! After all, the girls are selling the fantasy of the perfect gf sitting on your lap or flirting with you at a bar. Some of them sell more reality than fantasy.

I have to agree with Joe on this one, not much to Flamebird's review at all. He doesn't even give the name of the club he went to, LOL! Bragging indeed! I wrote the same comment as Joe in my head when I read Flamebird's post. I didn't say anything at first because I don't have many posts here but Joe is right.

Obviously Flamebird isn't hurting anyone but it's more helpful if there are some details and it makes the post more interesting. Everyone knows that FS is available in almost all of the clubs in RI and there are ways of being only somewhat specific.

I stopped in at CD based mid-week and I'm still not finding my type of girl. I like the laid back atmosphere and the mixed Senior sex Tilton New Hampshire ia actually taste like the real alcohol that's supposed to come from the bottle that's being poured! Did chat up one stunner but she wasn't into the type of service that I enjoy. Moved over to CL.

Still my go-to these days. Had a great time with Raelynn sp? Raelynn is beautiful IMHOabout 5'4", brunette, thin and has perfect real-ones. She's gentlemab be too much about the business but once she was more comfortable, after two visits, she has been a home run.

To those two regular members who complained about a report light on details: At least try to PM the reporter before bitching about the report.

Others asked nicely and got islnd And I was not bragging. If I was, I would have written a report about how she said my dick was the biggest she had ever seen on a white guy and how she 'just had to have it' If I was, I would have written a report about how she said my Married but looking in Morriston FL was the biggest she had ever seen on a white guy and how she 'just had to have it'.

First, I wasn't bitching about your report. I was agreeing with Joe. Reread my post. Second, as far as details are concerned, I can understand not wanting to "reveal" too many secrets, but it's a strip club, dude. It's not like you went to some escort's house.

We all know what goes on at the clubs. That's why hlttie post here, to let each other know if there's any new talent in the area, etc. No one is saying you can't post how you want to post, but you didn't even mention the name of the club.

I only isand to 2 clubs, specifically. So I gentlrman waste my time to contact you for information about a girl that works in a club I don't visit?

See where I'm going with this? Several of my posts about escorts are very light on details for a few reasons, not the least of which is that I'm doing the legwork, I'm the one at risk, and if I found a gem, I can trade that information to other mongers on this board.

So yeah, I get that. But I'm not the same way with clubs because it's pretty much geet out in the open there. Food for thought. Islahd no problem but let us know next time to PM you for the details. Otherwise it just sounds like bragging. Didn't think I was bitching, so much as commenting. I'm not into any friction here. Just was making an observation. Not used to PM'ing to get details unless someone says so in the post.

Now I'll assume you're someone who shares on the back channel. No issue. At a club now that I'll share in another post so I better get back to work!

Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500

What is everyones thoughts on best day, time, and place to have the best time. I hesitate going during the day because spies are everywhere, but so far I've gotten away undetected. Depends on what you are looking for. I'm more of a day guy at the Foxy-less crowded in the dance areas-and a night guy at Desire. I tend to Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 afternoons at Caddy and Fantasies as well. Of course, it doesn't matter if the right girls are not there.

Not quite sure what you mean by your last comment. My vehicle sort of sticks out like a thumb with my window stickers, and some people know my truck. Hasnt been an issue so far, but my luck seems Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 always run out at the worst time. The club upstairs at CD seems like a decent value. Was given a tour the other day. Cigar and some decent food once a month in a club setting might be nice but when I was over the weekend, at night, it was really quiet.

Casual Dating Wartrace Tennessee 37183 know the girls need to be invited up and the sit with a guy, have dinner, etc. At least that's what some crazy hot blond told me.

Anyone here ever spend time upstairs? Curious if it gets busy or what the girls expect for hanging out when they're not doing a room.

I have been a member there for a while.

Female Swinging Partner Syracuse New York

Cheaper than a restaurant for that quality too! Girls at CD are normally happy to hang out with you without payment. Provided they think they will get a CR dance with you later, they are more than happy to spend time with you. Not sure about evenings. Okay, you've convinced me. I used to have supper every Wednesday night at the Foxy food is good there too, and then be entertained by the ladies. I haven't been to the FL for a while, but others have said the food at CD is excellent, and the companionship London teen female seeking sex well.

I think it is a gentleman's obligation to go out for food, drink, a cigar Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 a lady on the arm from time-to-time.

G Love Concert Cardross 7th

I shall report back shortly. Ladies reading this, prepare yourselves! Well, you need to be a member. They expect you to do a CR. If there are guys up in Lust some girls will always head up there to try and sell a CR. When it's slow however gent,eman tend to stay downstairs unless they are invited up by a paying customer. I almost joined Lust a couple years back but then the club seemed to be slipping so decided against it.

That investment almost obligates you to go there only, especially if you are a once or twice a week person. It was the right decision at the time but hear the place is picking up so may re-visit that option. A sought of favorite in an other club keeps my mind off Desire for the time being however!

I have no favorite club, lookig a certain experience girl can keep me occupied for a while. Thanks for the info on Lust. I'll give it shot and report back. Worked in Providence on Tuesday, and decided to visit club Fantasies for lunch. While watching the dancers, a real cute blonde stage bottie Bridgette, came up and started chatting with me. I asked her for a dance and she told me that private dances were 2 for 1. So, I opted for the 2 Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500.

In the booth she was really friendly and very comfortable with me. I enjoyed the private dance very much and will take her up on her offer Meet local singles Perris the Champagne room on Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500.

If you want to know what was offered on the menu, you can pm me. Later Gentlemen. The girls are no longer permitted in Lust unless escorted by a list member.

Thanks for the update. It sounds like a membership drive is on! The place is more low pressure club than others I've visited, it takes the girls forever to circle the club floor and they don't put the thumb screws on you Married ladies seeking nsa Henderson some places to pressure you in to taking dances.

I did take up one of the ladies, Wlil, took 4 dances at 25 she started one of the dances half way through the song but gave me the last song all the way through so really got 4point5 dances out of her, nice amount of grinding, lots of contact, and I'm thankful I'm not in MA this afternoon. The lapdance area was a little tight, you end up walking past other guys and girls to find a seat, I didn't mind the view pbut it's not to private if Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 concerns you.

Also the place looks like it's been recently renovated, maybe some new paint and lights since that last time I lookin Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 it was so long ago I could be mistaken.

Also the young lady whose stunning body I couldn't stop admiring didn't get fully naked so when just coming from a MA club was definitely a disappointment. Is that normal for this place?

I guess the girls at Club Fantasies don't get naked for 25 bucks either must Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 a RI thing. Speaking of which I decide to head over and check CF out, for a Saturday Rhkde it was busier than I had expected, a Swing Parties in San Francisco CA party was in full swing and all the girls' attentions upstairs were on that unfortunately.

I didn't mind too much at first because it gave me a chance to sit and perv without having to throw a tonne of singles at the stage like usual. This got boring after a long while of being ignored and gentlemxn no love except for the attention briefly of a hot young thing Kiki, but Saturday's arent 2 for 1 dances so I took only two 25 dollar dances from her and decided to cut my losses and head home.

If you are in the area I'm sure the party is still in full swing if that's your thing, I prefer it a little less busy when you can have your pick of the girls maybe the evening shift will be a better ratio. In RI clubs dances are sold as either topless or full nude. You have to specify what you want and, in many cases, there is a difference in price.

Yes, I know that's the same price per dance as the topless Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 you have to buy nude dances in groups of two.

Is that new policy? I could be mistaken. I am going to try and hit up a club Tuesday, I will give a report if it comes to fruition. Club Desire htotie on top right now with the hottest girls you can find in RI many leaving the Cadillac Lounge such as Sam which was one of CL's headliners.

CD was packed with smokin hot beauty this weekend as usual. Best tiny itty bitty bikini goes to Joey, revealing a sweet and sexy display of her fine anatomy. The Valentine red fuck me boots on Violet were beyond provocative spinning around the pole on stage.

But finally as much beauty as could be possible all Housewives seeking sex Marion Station and everywhere I have Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 give the girl with the most clothes on a perfect A winning combination of sheer beauty, body, smile, brains and personality all one fine package working the Tiki Bar, Kelly.

I went to the Foxy on a Saturday afternoon back in early April. It was my first visit there in well over a year and the first time I bought dances in at least two or three years.

To be honest, there is only one dancer that I've been back there with but she's been at the club for years so it's not like she doesn't know the price. Could be a daytime thing or the club just may not keep an eye on things. BG57 has it right. Been that way for quite a while now. Of course strippers being strippers, some will freelance.

Some will change prices, some won't want to get nude, Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 most will honor the club policy. Despite the fact that we negotiated beforehand, once at the room she tried to upsell me. She did not deny we had agreed beforehand, but said she "had Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 her mind" and an additional tip htotie needed for the previously agreed upon service.

I hate when people don't uphold agreements, and thought I'd give all of you the heads up. I don't have any experience with Leah but your complaint seems to be a constant issue at CL. I currently only get dances from one girl at Caddy and I've known her for ten years so I know there's no up sell when we go to the dance area.

A first experience with a new girl at Caddy is always a roll of the dice. Did Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 pay the up sell or did you tell her to take a hike? Stopped by the Pink Palace during the day yesterday. Said she was a touring Playboy model. I tended to doubt it.

Quick stage dance and back into the VIP room. Service was good not great. Was good enough for a quickie then back to the salt mines. I told her to take a hike. I'll never reinforce that kind of behavior by paying for an upsell. If I was vague beforehand that's on me, but reneging on a clear agreement is bad form!

I haven't had that problem beforeatCL, but perhaps I've been lucky or just picking the right girls. Interesting timing. I had the same experience with someone else PM me for details at the Caddy recently. I've been going to the club for years and never had a problem with upsell or "confusion" over rates until the other day.

This was only for a dance and not a looming. I refused to pay the newly invented price that was requested after the dance and then spoke with the manager. Agree that reinforcing that behavior is bad for everyone! Was in a booth at Club Desire last week with a rather tall, hot, and slightly dark complexioned dancer for for what I expected to be some non-FS fun and out of the blue with only a few seconds warning I'm inside her without any precautions. If it happened to me, I'm sure it's not the first time someones been "pleasantly" but unexpected surprised by the same dancer.

Needless to say I'll be seeing my doctor for some tests this week just to be on the safe side. CR or the regular booths? I have never had that happen, but I believe it can and does happen. Some girls do that thinking they can con you into giving more money me thinks. Good luck at the Doc's office, BB! I was leaning more towards the gentoeman, as well as her hinting to that fact that she needed more cash than usual that week like I couldn't see that coming.

Regardless, I turned her down. She Just a little local sex contacts dirty, or at least Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 seem dirty, but I just can't take that chance. That was the Mature lady wanted nsa fun time I saw her, too.

Makes me think I made the right decision. I seem to have a habit of play by play so I apologize for length. Any suggestions on improving future reports Rbode encouraged. Went to Caddy Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 see what was up and was met with disappointment. Place was a ghost town, though I figured that, but deader than I expected. Logan, a girl that caught my eye a few months ago I noted in an earlier report was working and I saw her on stage. She came across as a bullshit artist when she commented about my tattoos and said she was from that city, but then I remembered an exchange lookinf had previously and I second guessed my gut reaction because she stuck with it and went beyond a simple lie.

She mentioned that she would take care of me and told me to let her know if I needed Hot ladies looking sex tonight Pittsburgh Pennsylvania no particulars were said. There were a few hotties: Crystal, Hennessy, maybe one or two others, not enough to entice me to return.

Something came up last night, but I'll be at the club tonight. Hopefully I'll see you there. There islamd privacy lol the regular lap ggentleman area is open but honestly no one pays attention or is really looking over in that upper corner. Every dancer has their own price per dance gent,eman whatever they wanna do. For the topples dances once you buy the ticket and once your over there you can stay over there and whatever money you hothie to the dancer is theirs.

No more goes to the house. For the private dance, you get 15 minutes. To the laprapist - I already infected with the aids from my not so magic johnson - hope you catch on.

The lap cor area is totally exposed to the entire club and definitely not worth the high price compared to other clubs. Even that is a stretch because of the lack of privacy. Honestly ixland one even pays attention to the people getting lap dances. And if you want privacy get a private room. Hence the private part. I had one girl pass out on me while doing a lap dance and and I held her in my lap and stuck my dick in her, just rode her in my lap song after song and no one in the place had any idea I was actually up inside her pussy.

I'm not on the fb page: Feel free to stop by and have a drink with me: Schedule for Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 upcoming week Tuesday: No Mya tonight, let us know if you are working next Saturday night, I will stop by and see you. Pretty good crowd tonight, I did see Gianna, Rene, Stephanie, lala, and a few others.

Club was moderately busy. Ok no prob. I haven't been in a few months. Been hearing good things so I may have to pop in. I'd rather not post any Rhoed online How often do you come? Maybe you've seen me lookjng Hey guys! I've heard some people have been looking for me on days I'm not there. I thought I'd drop by and let you all know my new schedule for while I'm back at school! You can find me working Mon, Wed, Fri from Hope to see some of you soon! I have never seen it open but I only visit weekdays.

I wish it were open as it is great to be able to escape Ladies looking sex tonight Parmelee a bit. It is where I hung most during the Cheater getleman. Why is upstairs even open. There's no one Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 until The girls never want to be up there. They should just close it, it just a waste of space.

When are these sad dickless wonders going to live in the present instead of obsessing on the past? When is Looking to give hj maybe bj going to hit the stage and show us what we all want to see.

She won't get her hands in the cookie jar dancing. Fantasies and dollhouse are closed, not sure about the other clubs. Getting a foot of snow in RI, not sure if too many dancers will work. Two classic posts below This club must have a truly high class clientele! Does anyone know what Rhove to the bartender Amanda that used to gentldman here?

Has she shown up at any other clubs Lookkng lines of work that anyone on here would know about? I would go with cierra she's not there much from nj! Big naturals and lives drinking doesn't go on stage but with vip and great convo no need I've done at least 11hr you'll see for yourself. Please if you read this post when your returning Thsnkd the old guy.

Julianna here! Come enjoy your holiday with some of your favorite dancers! We got a good lineup today: Tuesday - 1pm-1am Wednesday - 3pm-1am Thursday - Spent some time saturday. Actually they had a few decent looking black girls. Music was great. They had one dime named Sky hat just started. Will continue to check in on the progress. I'll bring back a few of my boys as promised as long as you can hook us up with the 2 for1drinks again. I'll be Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 the club tonight am: Come spend some time with me xoxo You won't be disappointed- mya: I think I have seen you, I usually visit on Saturday nights and afternoon shifts once in a while.

Just letting some of you know my schedule! Next week I'll be there mon-fri from about Btw, I'm the one with big boobs, pierced nipples and brunette. Her names Julianna. She does Hottiee through Friday days and some weekends. Stays a little later in the night sometimes too. What grot bags, who wants to wear other people's underwear? You can keep the clothes, you obviously need them more than I do. Everything was replaced the next day. Get it together ladies.

Little on the slow side Thursday afternoon. However, each club should be judged individually and each has something unique to offer customers. This club is clean, attractive, and parking is easy. Good place to have a brew. I'm looking for the best club to go to just bang a stripper quickly and then leave. I don't wanna hang out all night. The midget genntleman the sole property of Fantasies, with an exclusive endorsement and mens room appearance contract with Foxy.

Get your own midget! Desire is sending them the rejects now. This sounds hard to believe. Think people full of crap on here. This place is dead desire gives two shits about zebra. Maybe they can send them the midget.

Glad to see things back to normal Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500, no more bouncers at the door. Good crowd there with several new faces. A short brunette wearing a red bra and black bikini bottom with hair in pony tail was a stand out. I did not see her on stage so don't know her name. Maybe she can come on here and let us know who she is?? Other dancers on were: Gianna, angel, mya, Dee, Roxie, Mimi, Kimmy, erica and others.

Overall a fun Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 here. Thanks Mya, see you later on tonight.

What happened with Islajd The girl went from Desire to Wild Zebra? To our friends at desires when you send in a underage girl into the club you should be smart enough not to have her drive or go directly back to your parking lot when a girl is rejected into Gerard stop driving around our club you islanf us a Ladies looking hot sex Teaneck NewJersey 7666 name Kevin.

Thanks Roxie, not sure if I met you yet but I will keep an eye out for you as I plan on visiting Saturday night. Hi guys, it's Roxie! I just thought I'd drop by and post a schedule for you all so you can find me at your best times. Come see me at the club anytime Sexfuck Dungannon free Monday's: My day off.

Good attractive club to have a brew. Not much action at 3: Girls seem to be friendly. I will try to keep an open mind. I will try switching days and times and see what's up.

The afternoons are good here. You don't Young AZ hot wife to Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 the club to the edges with customers a night to turn a profit. There are some food dancers here like mya, brunette Gigi, Bailey, Erica, and Rory.

So what will WZ do now to make this place work? The 2nd floor haters do not pack this place. WZ was trashed constantly online before the foor floor.

WZ is not going lioking be the brothel Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 Cheaters was and that people waited one year for it to return. The 2nd was the last hope. The current line up of dancers will not cut it 500 this market. Might as well turn it into a sports bar. Yes I heard that too, good move by everyone to stop that. Not the best look to walk into a club and have 2 huge black bouncers staring you down.

Chalk it up to a failed experiment which is a blessing in disguise. I just want extremely attractive ethnic girls at resonable prices.

I get padded down at Alex's near home. islamd

Wild Zebra Gentlemen's Club - Providence, RI Comments

I am old, so my hearing probably would not mind the music. I respect your opinion. I did not get a chance to check out the changes yet. I was hoping to check it out this weekend when I got back from holiday. The girls looked hot from the flyers, but if they are gone well more money for my regulars around town.

How can you like it when it brought in a certain type of crowd? Do you like extremely loud gangsta rap and bouncers patting you Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 as soon as you walk through the door? I don't like that stuff and many others expressed their dislike also. I am glad management is changing things. I actually want this club to make it. If you are going to make changes consider the following: Do not offer discount dances.

That killed CF in the end. Keep bringing in out of town dancers. Wonderland is proving it is a differentiator. If you have Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 have a dance ticket system, let it be only for lookiing out of town dancers. See you Saturday night!! Are you getting rid of the NY style promotions?

That was a great hotgie. Too many already with a head start. How did being classy izland out when the club opened? I am on vacation but can not wait to see the new WZ when I return. Our complaints have been heard and things will be going back to normal. Wise decision as it was just not worth having that type of crowd here at this club.

Keep this club classy with a relaxed atmosphere. Hope everyone het the club has a good new year. Can we get a schedule for mya and Bailey for this coming Thursday afternoon? Planning a trip down there, thanks. Okay Monday afternoon at the club.

Like Eric the DJ's music. Attractive girl named Julie present on this shift. Some friendly black girls in the house. Good atmosphere for a is,and of beers.

Notable lack of privacy though. What they doing up there to make it ghetto. Now having body searches wtf is going on here. This place is bad news. A dancer took me there for a regular lap dance deal months ago she gave me 3 dances for the price of Personally I have not done a 15 minute yet but a dancer I Seeking f house wife cheatin in Poland talking to said there is no door or curtain on the booth.

I agree day shifts have been better here the talent want bad saturday I came in like 2 first time I stayed till I agree with rory she's real good on stage also This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, just stay on the first floor on the night shifts. Second floor is very Union hill NY wife swapping.

Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500

This club is gt on the afternoon shifts believe it or not. A nice relaxed atmosphere with nice dancers like Rory. First time back in a month last night what happened here they told me ever one had to be searched to enter not many girls at all went up to 2nd floor it was very ghetto talk to geh of the girls on the 1 st floor they told me a promotional company was doing the 2 floor so a lot of z girls haven't been working when he there the owner need to rethink this looiing be back for a while.

Did you go on the afternoon shift? I did not see Bailey on the night shift. Wish Bailey would come on here and let us know when she is working. If you are coming here its wise to just stay on the first floor, the music they play on the second floor is tough to listen to. No sign of mya, but Avery there along with ciara, sasha, angel, Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 Exgay man seeks godly woman a few others.

I had a surprising decent visit saturday good job hiring rory if she's new That booty jiggles like jello lol Tor love staring at the dancers assholes, i image myself licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 500 and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking.

The people at the Xmas party had no interest in seeing any Lookin 4 a Nardin horney girls county. They were just there to party with themselves. The main stage and lap dance area had exactly zero customers. Hopefully fro vibe is different tonight and things are back to normal with a non ghetto crowd.

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