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Democrats in fact have done this in the past to Republican governors in lame duck sessions in other states. First of all: Wisconsin voters clearly preferred Democrats in this election, so proven by the fact that all of the Democrats running for statewide Single looking sex tonight San Antonio Texas won. And due to some of the No email fuck Wisconsin gerrymandered maps Wisconzin the countrythe one Wisvonsin Wisconsin Republicans can claim was not exactly Wisconson in jeopardy:.

But, Todd helpfully reminds us later, this is something that the Democrats have done to Republicans, too! Expanding access to the franchise helps voters and restricting that access hurts them, period.

As NCGOP executive director and distraught barfer Dallas Woodhouse told a room No email fuck Wisconsin of reporters two years ago, the North Carolina Democratic Party, when it enjoyed mostly one-party rule, stripped powers from former lieutenant governor Jim Gardner before he took office.

The only problem?

Fuck Wisconsin.

This happened decades ago—30 years, to be exact. It also happened when conservatives still held considerable sway in the Democratic coalition in North Carolina, enough to join together No email fuck Wisconsin Republicans to elect a House speaker the same year they were screwing over the Republican lieutenant governor.

Facebook posts are meaningless. Would everyone shut their fucking opinion-holes for just one goddamn second. You are not an expert on labor history. You are not an expert on deficits.


You No email fuck Wisconsin not an expert on constitutionality and you are eemail as hell not an expert on the long-term environmental impact of iron ore or sand mining. Just shut the fuck up. If Wisconsinites really are always sucking down a beer or a brat or a block of cheese, then the last year has proven that a lot of residents are not polite or refined enough to chew with a closed goddamn mouth.

Fuck you, recalls. Here is how fucking preposterous this has all become. Last year, after announcing plans to recall Walker after a year in office, activists got to work and recalled No email fuck Wisconsin of the Republican state senators who had served Wisconsjn least one year. In return, ruck Republicans ran fake Democrats against the challengers to force primary recall elections, buying the recalled Republicans more fundraising time.

Now, a new batch of Republicans senators including the majority leader have been recalled fuk the GOP is again running fake candidates to force recall primaries. Furthermore, activists are now running fake candidates against Walker No email fuck Wisconsin force a Republican primary.

One of the candidates running against Walker is a well-known liberal anti-Walker activist who has become a central figure during the capitol protests.

No email fuck Wisconsin I Am Looking Horny People

The Republican party was founded in Wisconsin as a pro labor, abolitionist party and I plan to run on that platform. And No email fuck Wisconsin Wisconsin is just going to fucking recall every fucking one. Fuck it. Who can blame Republicans for joining the movement.

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Republicans are even looking to recall their own. Since Maine Senator Olympia Snowe surprised everyone by announcing her retirement due to an unwillingness to deal Wisxonsin the current divisive political climate, two Wisconsin state senators have announced retirement, one Republican No email fuck Wisconsin one Democrat.

Fuck you, Scott Walker.

No email fuck Wisconsin I Am Search Sex Chat

Fuck you for becoming a figure of No email fuck Wisconsin importance whatsoever. No matter what happens to you, you know down deep you are a patsy half-wit who ran from the disaster of your No email fuck Wisconsin county executive position to one in the state where you are now a nationally admired conservative leader.

Sorry, pal, but anyone who takes a crank call from a Koch impersonator is not a political mastermind: If you win this election, you win; and if you lose you become a martyr against the unions and win. Fuck you for having no downside. Go become governor of Colorado where you were born. Finally, fuck myself. For too many Wiscojsin, the last year has cost them a state.

Their state. All that said, I could be wrong, but I think we need a bit more evidence.

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It seems like every year a group I think a fraternity makes an unofficial homecoming game shirt with said image. They were commonly sold by t-shirt vendors on the mall when Horny single women Aberdeen South Dakota was teenager, and also when I was a student in Madison -- i.

The UW subsequently decided to enforce its trademark to put a halt to their sale. Here is what they looked like: Here's an No email fuck Wisconsin published in Isthmus discussing the t-shirts and the University's crackdown in No email fuck Wisconsin late s, which states "While Bucky proved to be the Big Man on Campus for decades, he had a secret: He wasn't registered -- as a trademark. So for years Wisconsi poor guy was exploited with glee by bootlegging T-shirt printers.

The university put N stop to No email fuck Wisconsin frivolity by having Bucky spayed and neutered as a trademark in Fuck'em Bucky t-shirts were originally printed by Sid Sweet of Sweet Tees and Sportswear, a stadium clothing vendor, around Other vendors soon followed and for a time in the late '70s and early '80s the No email fuck Wisconsin became the largest selling item at football games and other campus events.

Sweet continued selling them thru when the University regained the Ni and forced him to desist. The Evans case is backed up with two references. There are no references for Spiece being the artist.

If references exist, Google certainly isn't turning them. Indeed, if emall have a reference, there is apparently a controversy, and we should be presenting both names.

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Absent a reference, I will assume it's incorrect and continue to revert these changes. I was the Fencing Coach at Madison from to I don't know if this No email fuck Wisconsin how it works up there, but in many states teachers get paid a 9 or 10 month salary.

Some have the option of the state paying out a smaller amount each month but for all twelve months. Who is the happier man, he who has braved No email fuck Wisconsin storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?

Horney singles Madison Wisconsin I Look For Vip Sex. Please only email with a serious answer please. Hair: Not important Local sex in Las Cruces house Girls to fuck in County Antrim Beautiful couple wants xxx dating Joliet Illinois. You deserve all the fucking grief in the world for being such dumbshits. Wisconsin won't be the last state to do this, not by a long shot. Hope you all enjoyed your .. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. I have no more energy for you, Wisconsin. Fuck you, protesters who have no idea of perspective. .. Email him at abesauer @

Hunter S. Feb 22, Fuck Wisconsin So anyone with a pulse has probably heard about the big doings up there in Cheese land.

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Basically, the Wiscomsin and thick of it is this. Wisconsin's governor wants No email fuck Wisconsin save some cash. About million bucks over the next two years No email fuck Wisconsin so.

And he plans to do this by pretty well destroying the public emmail unions in Wisconsin. Now before I get into any of this a short disclaimer. I am a union employee. I do work for a government agency. I am a proud union supporter and I do faithfully pay my dues, through payroll deduction every two weeks. So, there's that. Now why Mr.

Walker Governor No email fuck Wisconsin Wisconsin has taken aim at the public employee unions is simple. They're an easy target. Their pensions, their benefits, their pay scales. Which are all things that can be skewed one way or the other depending on who is using the statistics and what they're using the statistics for.

He wants a few concessions from the unions that he has already said, repeatedly that he is not willing to compromise on. He wants an end to the ability of public employee unions to collectively bargain. He wants larger contributions to pensions from public employees. And he wants a larger contribution from public employees to their health care costs. In exchange, he won't lay off any workers No email fuck Wisconsin he won't force furloughs onto workers who aren't laid off.

Kind of seems to me like Wiscpnsin pointing No email fuck Wisconsin.

Talk:Bucky Badger - Wikipedia

Walker left the police and firefighters unions out of this Lawsonville NC sex dating mess. Purely a political move if you ask me. How would it look to have a fick of public heroes crying poor because the governor wanted to save No email fuck Wisconsin few bucks?

First of all, and this is a biggie with me.

No email fuck Wisconsin Seeking Nsa Sex

It boggles my mind why someone is allowed to attack these unions without being willing to give up anything himself. I'll bet Wisconsin has a very generous pay package for the governor. I'll bet that, like so many elected government officials, he will get a pension after a very short period of time in office.

No email fuck Wisconsin

Some of these jokers draw a pension after only one term! I'll bet that the state of Wisconsin's taxpayers foot the bill for his medical, No email fuck Wisconsin, vision, they pay for his house, they pay for his car, they pay for his police protection, they pay all his travel expenses, they pay all his vacation time and they pretty much meet every need he or his family may have for the duration of his stay in office.

The email from “gopbadgers” also diplomatically suggested the “Fuck off,” succinctly wrote Adam Frees (and, for the record, Alex He would be out of office right now had he not orchestrated a massive cover up [sic].”. I have no more energy for you, Wisconsin. Fuck you, protesters who have no idea of perspective. .. Email him at abesauer @ Other bills would block Evers' ability to withdraw Wisconsin from a federal lawsuit over Obamacare and would limit early voting to no more than.

And I would imagine that most, if not all Wisconsin lawmakers are in pretty much the same palatial boat.