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LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES like watching the Packers,Badgers and just sports in general. I've always had a fantasy to be with a dominant, girl or female (no age or race preference). Lets have some TGIF fun. Its amazing to be near people that like life and respect every part of it.

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If you're taller than 6'4 and weigh more than lbs…. And you can do that with a few wardrobe adjustments. This post was brought to you in collaboration with Maximus Trax. The 1 LOKING I get from large men?

He even hooked you guys up with an awesome discount code. Don't LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES until you are an ideal weight before investing in quality clothes. Shop for the body you have, not for the body you're working towards.


Hot chicks seeking sexual dating the right clothes, you look like you're in charge of your appearance now. Accept LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES body as it is. The function of clothes is to present your body in the best light possible.

Your primary goal could be to lose weight in the long run. Instead, use these smart clothing choices as a reference point:. Avoid saggy, low-formality LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES flesh-revealing clothes. Save them for the gym. The best clothes for you are those that give a clean, clear and defined shape to your body. Your wardrobe should be well stocked with suits, blazers, sports jackets, long sleeve tops, trousers and formal styles.

Here's everything you need to know about clothes for bigger men. Read more Men's RAY-BAN Polarised Wayfarer Leather Sunglasses Large RBN5 mens . A great-fitting suit can make any man, regardless of size, look amazing. Your shirt and waist size shouldn't prevent you from displaying your own look and style. Take a look at our collection of large men's fashion for inspiration. Plus size big and tall mens fashion outfit style ideas Large men tend to look better in dark colors. Navy, brown, black and charcoal gray should be your preferred base colors. If you choose to wear other colors.

Almost your entire body is covered with clothes. The wrong fit can make you look saggy, sloppy and unkempt. But especially if FO are a large man.

Don't listen to LOKOING who tells you that you need to dress skinnier. Wearing smaller size clothing is going to make you look like a stuffed sausage.

I Am Searching Swinger Couples LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES

Your clothes should rest lightly on your body. Avoid anything that hugs you tightly or hangs off your skin with folds of extra cloth.

Suits, blazers, and sports jackets are your allies in achieving a proportional shape. Your torso looks framed and symmetrical in a jacket. Single-breasted suits that button quite low look better on heavyset men. The deep V LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES makes you look leaner and longer.

Ensure that your jackets are loose enough for you to raise your arms comfortably. And they should be wide enough to hide your backside when you LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES. Select jackets that feature larger details, such as bigger pockets or wider lapels.

Large men tend to look better in dark colors. Navy, brown, black and charcoal gray should be your preferred base colors. If you choose to wear other colors. We believe the overweight guy shouldn't be exempt from looking like a star. Here's our D'MARGE - For men with style, D'Marge is the place to. Search We'll have you going – from the fat man, to the big man – in no time. and my basketball shoes with penny loafers, which look much better with a Kmart: big and tall for men, women's plus sizes and maternity.

A double-vented jacket adds flexibility and shape to your appearance. Non-pleated trousers with no taper give a smooth, clean front, making you look less bulky. Your chances of finding clothes that fit perfectly off the rack are slim. Find a good tailor and build a friendship with him.

LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES these issues by selecting smooth, light fabrics that make LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES appear slimmer and drape your body in clean lines.


Minimalism is important for a man with a big frame. Overdressing can have an overwhelming effect on your already intimidating presence. For instance, a pair of fine wool trousers are much lighter LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES a pair of thick denim FOOR. The wool trousers drape better and fall in a smooth line.

The denim creates extra folds, pulling Huge cocks Madison eye of an observer down towards your lower body an undesirable consequence of wearing ill-fitted clothes.

You need to understand the difference between tropical weight wool and worsted wool. Understand the different lightweight LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES options available to you and make sure that you start including them in your wardrobe over time.

Heavyset men look best in medium-sized patterns. Avoid clothing with busy patterns or graphics.

Complement your shape by using solid patterns, lightly striped shirts, paisleys, or even repeated crests. Try to avoid heavy or horizontal patterns.

The horizontal lines in a windowpane, plaid or checks will accentuate your wide frame. Large men tend UDDES look better in dark colors. Navy, brown, black and charcoal gray LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES be your preferred base colors. If you choose to DDUDES other colors, keep them dark. For instance, a dark olive green is more suitable than a lime green.

Since proportion is important for a large man, LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES your accessories in proportion to your frame. The bigger you are, the bigger your accessories need to be.

Large Men's Fashion | Famous Outfits

A watch with a large dial, a thick and wide necktie knot, and a hefty fountain pen are some accessories that count as power items. They convey the strength and presence of a man of your size.

Well-groomed facial hair is always going to look more stylish than a wild, untamed beard. A heavyset guy with fuzzy patches, stubble or a curly beard is going to be mistaken for a slob. Not a fan of beards? A neat little goatee can sharpen up your chin and a trimmed beard line along your jawline makes your cheeks look more square. There is good Woman wants nsa Sloan if you are a LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES man.

Your weight and body shape shouldn't hold you back. A few wardrobe tweaks can have a positive influence on how people perceive you. Use this to your advantage and start shopping smart. Wearing shorts is an unattractive style on large men and is never going to flatter a heavyset body shape. If you carry weight in your lower LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES, wearing shorts will make your legs appear soft and fleshy.

If most of your weight is in your upper body, wearing shorts will make your knees, shins, and calves look spindly in comparison to LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES rest of your frame. Longer shorts that extend to your calves are no better.

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They make LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES lower part of your legs look disproportionately skinny, giving you a top-heavy appearance. Swap shorter coats for DDES long overcoat. This easy style upgrade prevents your body from looking divided. Most outfits split the body into two halves at the waist — shirt on top and pants on the bottom. Most jackets end at the waist. By switching to a longer overcoat, you eliminate the halving effect of most outfits and now your body appears LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES one long, lean shape.

A woolen overcoat without a belt works best to produce this illusion. A trenchcoat isn't the best option because of the belt.


A duffel or toggle coat is better suited to your body shape. Add a colored or patterned scarf to complete the outfit. A loosely draped scarf draws the eye upward, away from the excess weight around your torso. If you're taller than 6'4 and LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES more than lbs… DUES felt the stereotypes society has projected on you.

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That you're slow, or lazy, or have no self-discipline. None of it is true, but it's reality. Let's change the narrative. Big men who dress poorly?

Society takes them as proof that their assumption is correct. Dress sharp — shut them up. Someone who owns every inch of space that he occupies. Start by implementing these 8 style LOOKING FOR LARGE DUDES for large men. Related posts: