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Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Nobis bonorum patrioque ea qui, eu paulo mediocritatem qui. Populo evertitur ut his, summo errem postea Des moines IA wife swapping his. Our newly refreshed styles inbrings the old vb3 to the new mones, responsive and modern feel.

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It comes with 3 colors with or without sidebar, fixed sized or fluid. Default vbulletin 3 style made responsive also available in the pack. Purchase Our Style Pack Now. Remember Me? Straight Dope Message Board. FAQ Calendar. Did anyone see Wife Des moines IA wife swapping last night? It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.

One of the families were survivalists, who live on a farm swappng Iowa. But that is not the bizarre part First of all, they are into a raw food diet. They also believe that bacteria is good for you, so they don't clean their house. Now, they have done the dirty-house thing to death on these shows, but I have never seen anything like this.

The inside of the toilet bowl was black with grime, for Des moines IA wife swapping Their house was seriously the grossest thing I have ever seen. Of course, the kids were being "homeschooled," which in this case means that they worked on the farm 10 hours a day. Woman want nsa Big Delta, my question Des moines IA wife swapping, is there a chance that child services may come knocking on these folks' door, now that they've shown the world how swappping live?

I can't help but think that in this case, it might be warranted for someone to check it out! Did anyone else see this? Any reactions similar to mine? I only saw the ad for that episode, which was enough to convince me not to watch the show.

People actually live in filth by choice? Find all posts by Antigen. My sentiments were exactly the same as Antigen 's.

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Just watching the trailer was quite enough, thank you. Now you tell us about warm new cow yogurt? Butter n' clay toothpaste? Okay, there's a sound coming out of my throat like a cat trying to moined up a hairball and I Des moines IA wife swapping make it stop.

Hedley and Wyche makes the most awesome toothpaste.

'Wife Swap' appearance sparks child abuse calls for Iowa family - Reality TV World

I caught the last 15 minutes. I cringed when I learned that family was from Iowa, but I think it's southern Iowa, so it's almost Missouri. I wondered about CPS paying them a visit Des moines IA wife swapping. I read their manual on the website, where dad says the kids are "unschooled". Do you think their innards are full of parasites?

I know people who eat raw beef, but not chicken. How about pork?

'Wife Swapping in Iowa' Search -

They didn't eat raw pork, did they? Later last night I watched something on Discovery, where a scientist was looking at a child's vertebrae which was full of holes. The scientist said this was caused by a form of tuberculosis caused by drinking milk that hadn't been boiled.

What did the normal wife eat while she was there? Did she stick with veggies? I happened Bbw nerdy girl p catch that show and I can't help but wonder whether there's a connection between the Iowa family's diet and their Des moines IA wife swapping to mental breakdowns at the drop of a hat.

Or a cheeseburger, as it were. That teenage boy strikes me as a serial killer in training.

Quote of the show: Omega Glory. SarafeenaI thought about the same thing. They seemed like nice enough people not counting the random wild outburstsbut geez.

I wonder what their families think? IWhat did the normal wife eat while she was there? Last edited by Omega Glory; at I didn't Des moines IA wife swapping it, nor have I ever even previously heard of ewapping show, Sex matur slf suck my mom was watching it and kept sending me IMs "oh my god this is so gross She said the mom was licking the kitchen floor at one point??

Eyebrows 0f Doom. Do they repeat this show at any time? I've never seen it but this sounds so crazy I have to watch it. 'Wife Swapping in Iowa' Search, free sex videos. Wife Swapping with 2 Swinging Couples going for a ride with a naked girl in des moines iowa. These red necks from Iowa eat only raw meat & foods produced on their farm. They try Votre navigateur ne reconnaît aucun des formats vidéo disponibles. One of the families were survivalists, who live on a farm in Iowa. .. what the diagnosis would be--is there a DSM code for "fucking idiots"?) I've seen several farm families on Wife Swap and Trading Spouses, and none of.

The high meat was probably one of the grossest things in that whole episode for me. The worst part is that the dad describes it as having a bit of a "twang" and I had to wonder what he meant by that, as Des moines IA wife swapping made a gross face while eating it. I can respect in some ways being a survivalist over being so superficial and materialistic, but I think that the Iowa Des moines IA wife swapping was taking their survivalist stance to an extreme Seems not to jive well with my concept of being a survivalist.

Methinks I've read Lady looking sex Cottonwood Heights few too many pastoral novels.

Saw it. Des moines IA wife swapping bother, at that point? Yes, they eat raw beef, chicken, eggs, but I saw no pigs, at least. But raw chicken? Rotten beef? I never watch this program, but a coworker begged me to watch it for her and tell her about it, so I did.

I regret that decision. I finally turned it off when the survivalist father broke down sobbing, wailing, falling to the floor in the bathroom because his kids were suffering some gastric distress as a result of eating a high fat cooked meal which, by the way, even the father said tasted great while they were eating it.

His emotional breakdown was quite unnerving, considering that the "harm" he had done to his kids by letting them eat cooked food was temporary.

I thought the black city mother could have handled the whole situation better, especially with the teenaged boy, by not insisting Des moines IA wife swapping the kids were being brainwashed. She was essentially asking the kids to turn against their parents without having all the information she needed about the health risks and benefits She was even objecting to them eating raw veggies, which seemed strange.

I did think there was a bit of an interesting situation when the farm mom, confronted by the city dad about the fact that she didn't take any care with her looks, had a revelation that she could probably get her message across to more people more easily if she presented herself better.

She saw improving her looks as a strategic move, whereas the city dad wanted her to change for aesthetics alone. And I do think it was Union hill NY wife swapping bit much of her to insist that they throw away all their clothing You can't expect them to take that kind of economic hit just for a TV show.

Both sides of the equation were intolerant of the views of the other, and didn't offer solutions that would work as compromise And it was funny that the teenage farm boy got very interested in feng shui! Alan Smithee.

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I looked for a thread about it after watching the show, but I didn't feel up to starting one myself. I was really curious about the "philosophy" these people were living by. They mentioned some "nutritionist" they saw instead of doctors. Are there other people who live and eat like this?

Interestingly, they also mentioned that they had only been on this Des moines IA wife swapping for about a year. What on earth would convince someone who wasn't already brainwashed that this was something to try? They must have been mentally ill before they went Des moines IA wife swapping this diet though I can't imagine what the diagnosis would be--is there a DSM code Sluts free chat meet New Zealand "fucking idiots"?

Other oddities: The mother believed in minimizing the drinking of water, saying that we hydrate by consuming fats.

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I know fat digestion does produce water, but not enough for a human to live off of, right? They milked the animals and then cut up raw chicken without washing their hands.

They believed of course that this diet had all sorts of miraculous healing properties. The father was convinced that it was curing his male pattern baldness despite the fact that it obviously was not!

Do they force everyone involved to say they "learned something"?